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Garage Door Maintenance

When garage doors are maintained regularly, they stop causing problems. Most importantly, they stop causing accidents unless you tamper with them. And so our company is here to cover all your service needs. Call us if you like to schedule your garage door maintenance in Burien, Washington. We are very flexible when it comes to the day and time of the service to meet your needs. Trust that our company is an Expert Garage Door Repair Burien service provider that only hires qualified pros. And so the job will be done correctly from start to finish.

Garage Door Maintenance Burien

With regular garage door maintenance, you gain a lot

In order to inspect garage doors and thus define their weaknesses and problems, the pros must have expertise. We assure you that all pros sent by us are specialists in garage door troubleshooting. They inspect every inch of the system and all parts thoroughly. This step gives them a good idea of the overall condition of the electric garage door and what must be done. It’s also the right way to see which parts will soon need replacement due to extensive damage or rust and so you will have time to plan ahead.

As the garage door repair Burien WA pros inspect, they fix things here and there. One of the first priorities is to check the tracks and remove elements and debris that will most likely keep rollers from moving. They lubricate, tighten the fasteners, and make sure no part is vibrating. This way, they eliminate noises and protect parts from early damage.

We send experts in garage door maintenance service

Garage door adjustment is a vital part of the maintenance service. To see which parts need adjustment, the pros test:

  • The reverse system
  • The garage door force
  • The travel limits
  • The photo eyes
  • The garage door balance
  • The garage door spring & cable tension
  • The chain of the opener

The techs do all sorts of tests and checks and then continue with the right adjustments to ensure the garage door goes up and down all the way, is properly balanced, and moves with safety. That’s the essence of garage door maintenance.

Call our company if you want the best preventive garage door service

Trust that the pros are experts in the industry and provide the best garage door maintenance service in Burien. We wouldn’t settle for second choices since this is a preventive service that can have great benefits to you if done correctly. Committed to our trade and clientele, we always send out the best pros to offer the best possible service. Your safety matters to us. When you trust garage door maintenance Burien services to us, your troubles end. Your garage door will also last longer saving you money in the long run. Call us today for more info.

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